Tabu 2.2 Released

Only source code available by now. This release is fully sponsored by the contributions of Valère Monseu, who added internationalization support. Enjoy!


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5 thoughts on “Tabu 2.2 Released

  1. csj says:

    Hi, kalmbach
    Thanks your hard work, I like tabu, small and cute.
    Wait for your 2.2 deb file. I am using 2.1 now :=)

  2. csj says:

    Hi kalmbach,
    I compile 2.2 on ubuntu 10.10 but has error when ./configure:
    ./configure: line 3819: syntax error near unexpected token `0.26′
    ./configure: line 3819: `IT_PROG_INTLTOOL(0.26)’

    and there are many ^M in source code,
    why ^M issue appeared? does it only happen on Windows file and edited in Linux?

  3. matias says:

    Hola Jorge, estoy ocupando tabu hace un tiempo y me ha parecido genial, no consume recursos excesivos y es agradable a la vista. Pero me he encontrado con un ‘problema’, si yo quisiera conectar tabu con algun scrobbler de, como lastfmsubmitd por ejemplo, hay una forma de hacerlo?
    De antemano gracias.

  4. kalmbach says:

    @matias: actualmente no, pero es algo muy solicitado. Quizas sea hora de planear el proximo release :)

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